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About Reginald

Reginald Corbitt spent 20 years as a security professional in areas of Security Management, Investigations and Personal Protection. Giving his security experience Being that he was considered the "Safety Sam" type of guy that would always tell people to be safe in the physical world and why, he never imagined that the digital world would have to be viewed the same way. But when he discovered his daughter having conversations online with people she didn't know, he realized he needed to educate himself about the "cyber" world so he could educate her and other parents. He also knew that his daughter, like many other hyper-connected teens, needed to be educated about online safety, cyberbullying, and other topics. SafeCyber was created as an online resource to educate communities about the digital world and help create a culture of safe connectivity. 

Reginald travels state to state raising awareness about cyber safety topics such as Cyberbullying, Dangers of Social Media Apps, Online Predators of children, and Digital Footprint and Reputation. He has presented and conducted cyber safety workshops for parents, children, teachers, managers, Executives, children's hospital trauma teams, physical security teams, and youth workers. He is the author of the book Digital Parenting: Protecting our Children in the Digital Age, scheduled to be released in October 2019. To book Reginald  for your next event click here.

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