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The Internet can provide an unparalleled interactive experience for everyone; it is virtually everywhere in today’s world, and provides many advantages that we as parents did not have when were young. But with the benefits come potential dangers we must be aware of to ensure a positive experience.

The cyber world and community will only grow in the near future. More businesses require connectivity to conduct and for their daily business needs. Despite all of the reports of breaches and cyber attacks, it seems there is an unmet need in most communities. Statics show that 70% youth between the ages of 12 and 18 are not concerned about keeping there information safe. More alarming is that 65% of parents have not talked to their children about cyber ethics.

SafeCyber was created to be an online resource of information for cyber safety topics such as Cyberbullying, Digital Age Parenting, Social Media App Dangers, Digital Reputation and Online Predating of Children.Our goal is to partner with communities, organizations and businesses nationwide who will help protect children living and growing up in the digital age and ensure a positive online experience for youth. 


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