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The goal is stop bullying before it starts. Teaching youth how to control their impulses, recognize the feelings of others, and manage stress and anxiety. This learning should also happen outside the classroom with programming that engages parents and communities. We must empower communities to improve school climate and support our kids. Teaching students social emotional skills will help them deal with negative or unwanted behavior like bullying. Promoting a climate of respect and raising mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy young people is imperative to a thriving community. Promoting the social-emotional and mental well being of youth and families.

We do not only want to focus on student or young people but we want to focus on and work with those that influence them as well and it’s not just teachers. But those who shape their belief system. Family at home, in their community.  The businesses or brands that also influence them.

SafeCyber is looking to lead a cooperative effort to address cyberbullying and the associated violence. Reality is that some organizations and institutions may not be able to implement the iC.A.R.E. model in its entirety, due to limited capacity or budget constraints. That reality should not stop anyone from striving to make change on this issue. It’s starts with the initiative which is the pledge.


iC.A.R..E is a community based initiative that is intended to increase awareness about the impacts of bullying in the community and challenges individuals to pledge to change the behavior. 


Take action! Join us in taking the pledge and commit to combating the issue through communication, awareness, respect and empathy by employing the iC.A.R.E initiative and being an active participant.

Contact us to learn how you can implement the  iC.A.R.E. Program in your school, organization or business at

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